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Simply put, our team is comprised of digital marketing experts, each with their own specific skillset. This allows CRI to partner with regional & global brands to tackle their most complex digital marketing initiatives. Through our consultative approach and dedication to problem solving, we continue to provide ROI for clients across numerous industries. If your business needs to improve where it ranks on Google or Bing, CRI is here to help. 

Search Engine Optimization

Effective SEO involves analysis of a website’s code, architecture, and content—while staying on top of search engines’ frequent algorithmic shifts. We help businesses target prospects with greater accuracy by implementing the latest search engine optimization tactics, measuring and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), and building links and creating comprehensive content strategies that establish authority. Each custom SEO strategy we create leverages existing assets, which inform potential areas of growth, improvement, and site expansion—all while keeping the ideal customer in focus.

Paid Search Marketing

CRI has the experience, expertise, technology, and methodologies to help your company achieve the greatest possible results with paid search. Working in conjunction with SEO, paid search can help reach a broader audience and deliver a unique message to each of your audiences. In fact, leveraging analytics in tandem with paid search reveals precisely how visitors are interacting with your website and when goals are being met. Our paid search services include custom key phrase strategies, ad copywriting and message testing, landing page selection, bid monitoring and management, strategic budgeting, conversion path analysis and optimization, and customized ROI reporting. 

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